Name Michelle Zonato Nicolini
Academy CheckMat BJJ
Age range adult
Weight range feather
Accademy's Position 1
# Placements 41
Points 1095

Michelle Zonato Nicolini is a Medium Heavyweight fighting for CheckMat BJJ Brasil. Born in Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil on 1 January 1982, she first foray into the world of martial arts was Capoeira, at the age of just 14 years old. However, three years later, she began to train in jiu jitsu under Robert Drysdale, the man who would go on to award her all her belts, including her black belt.

She has one 6 BJJ World Championships (including ADCC), 2 World Nogi Championships, a World Pro Cup, 2 Pan American Championships, and was also crowned European Champion in 2012.

She favours the Triangle and Toe Hold techniques, and, despite belonging to a lighter weight division, she has stated that she enjoys fighting in the open weight devisions. Coming in at only 115 lb (52 kg), she has been called “pound for pound the best fighter”, due to her small stature and weight. As a result, she is very explosive and interesting to watch on the mat, making her a fan favourite.

Ranking Position
Among All female Fighters 4
Among All black belts female Fighters 4
Among All feather, black belts female Fighters 2
Among All adult, feather, black belts female Fighters 2
More than 20 scores.More than 20 scores.Among the first three in his weight category.Among the first three in his weight category.
Name Academy Age Weight Belt Position
World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Brasa adult light feather