Name Roger Gracie
Academy Gracie Barra
Age range adult
Weight range super heavy
Accademy's Position 2
# Placements 18
Points 873

Roger Gracie, born September 26, 1981, in Rio , is a BJJ competitor and mixed martial artist, and fights with the academy Gracie Barra. In BJJ, he has won 14 World Championships (across all belts), and has been ADCC champion, Pan Am Champion, European Open Champion and Brazilian National Champion.

A star-studded member of a star-studded family, Roger is a part of the illustrious Gracie family, and is the grandson of Carlos Gracie, one of the founders of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Roger Gracie, like many of the Gracie family, can be described as perhaps the major driving force in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Roger Gracie himself founded and now teaches at the world famous Roger Gracie Academy in London.

 Like most in the Gracie family, Roger started training Jiu Jitsu very early in life, but only realised how much he really wanted to compete professionally in BJJ after spending time in the south of Brazil with his uncle, Rilion Gracie. Along with Rilion, his uncle Carlos Gracie Junior and cousin Renzo Gracie may be considered as the two most important figures to the development of Roger Gracie as a competitor.

As a blue belt, he won many championships, including the Pan Americans and the Mundial in 2000. Shortly after, he was forced to shift over to London with his father due to personal reasons, but that didn’t stop him in the slightest.

Roger continued his training in London, and frequently travelled back to Rio de Janeiro to train in the Gracie Barra headquarters.

 Following his victories in the competitive circuit, he was awarded his black belt in 2004 by his uncle. Then, a year later, he won the ADCC, and gained victory in both his weight and the absolute division, submitting all 8 opponents to win both titles, a previously unheard of feat.

Roger has 18 placements in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and competes in the Super Heavy weight range. His favourite technique is the Cross Choke from mount position.

After many more titles, Roger Gracie started to fight more and more in competitive Mixed Martial Arts fights, and has achieved success in the sport.

Roger has been for a long time #1 on overall rank of MARanking.

Ranking Position
Among All male Fighters 6
Among All black belts male Fighters 6
Among All super heavy, black belts male Fighters 2
Among All adult, super heavy, black belts male Fighters 2
More than 10 scores.More than 10 scores.Among the first three in his weight category.Among the first three in his weight category.
Name Academy Age Weight Belt Position
World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Gracie Barra adult absolute
World Jiu-Jitsu Championship Gracie Barra adult super heavy